nHisFocus Photography                                   by Larry Frogge

                                        “Viewing God’s Creation One Frame at a Time”
                                                         “In the beginning God created the heavens and earth” (Gen. 1:1)  

First I would like to praise my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ for giving His life so that I may live. I thank Him that I might be able to record the beauty of our Father’s creation. And in so doing, that I might be able to share a part of that beauty with you. 
I have photographed over 150 species of Florida birds plus numerous animals and landscapes. I am one of  approximately 900 people in the State of Florida who has been certified as a Master Naturalists by the University of Florida as well as being listed on the Florida Master Naturalist’s Honor Roll. I have participated in the Florida Wildlife Commission’s “Wings Over Florida” birding certificate program. I’ve taught  introductory photography course’s for such organizations as the Wild Turkey Federation, Florida Wildlife Commission's “Jake Days” & "Women in the Outdoors", plus private groups. I’ve had photographs published in magazines and newspapers in and around the south Florida area. I have also had photos published in Audubon magazines & newsletters. I am now retired and live full time in Boynton Beach, Florida.
I do, from time to time, take orders for photographic prints. Please contact me for your needs at nhisfocus@comcast.net. You may also visit my flickr site at:

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